Fox Valley Libertarians 2018 post-election update

With the elections over, the Fox Valley Libertarians are now looking into moving into the next phase. Our two goals for the Fox Valley Libertarians are as follows:

-Get more Libertarians running for local office – this means your County Board, school board, city clerk, treasurer and/or city council. Growing our party starts with the ground up, building a strong establishment and demonstrating how Libertarians can be effective on their local government. This means repealing restrictive city ordinances and excessive building codes, stopping spending bills, voting down spending motions and higher/more local taxes.

-Increase our presence throughout the valley by finding common ground in other groups which share a common ground with Libertarians.

We could be well on our way in doing both of those things. Recently at a campaign event for Phil Anderson’s Gubernatorial race in Appleton, we spoke to someone interested in running for the Grand Chute town board. In another campaign event in Hortonville, we spoke to someone interested in running for School Board in Fremont. This is what we would like to see – not just Libertarians expressing support, but Libertarians running for local office. Are you interested in running for office? Send an email to Fox Valley Libertarians Chair Brian Defferding at and let him know!

Then, we started to get involved with other activist groups in the valley. Fox Valley Libertarian chair Brian Defferding is currently on the Winnebago County Board. He started attending meet-ups with ESTHER, a non-profit faith-based social justice group, in Neenah. They have a Prison Reform Task Force that is looking to support and be active in reforming our jail system – reducing recidivism, reforming revocation laws for people on probation and ex-convicts, opposing jail expansion, end racial profiling and putting convicts with mental health disorders on a path to treatment instead of punishment. Brian Defferding is looking to establish a mental health court in Winnebago County, in order to reduce recidivism and get mental health convicts the treatment they need. ESTHER can bring the valuable feedback he needs to establish a proper policy to lessen our jail population. To find out more about Brian, head to his County Board Facebook page, or you may contact him at

Some exciting news – The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin just appointed Appleton’s own Carmen Collar to be the Affiliate Chair at Large. This means she will be in charge of helping local affiliates throughout the entire state of Wisconsin get the support they need to expand, network, advertise, volunteer, make inroads everywhere. What brought her to the party was helping out Phil Anderson’s gubernatorial race, traveling to different locations dropping off signs and creating events for him all around the Fox Valley. This will be an exciting and challenging new chapter for her, we look forward to seeing her talents unleashed to Wisconsin!

Carmen Collar, new Chair of the Affiliates Committee

INFORMAL POLL! We are looking at reaching out to having our social hours and business meetings twice a month, to help cater to those unable to make our Wednesday meet-ups. But we would like to hear from you, dear Fox Valley libertarians (big L and small l) – what days of the week work out best for you? And do you have a preference in time – mornings, noon time, afternoon or evenings? Head to the post made at the Fox Valley Libertarians facebook page and let’s hear your input! We want to see you at a meetup somewhere, let’s see what we can do as a team!

That’s all for now. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to check in with us! Keep spreading that message of liberty far and wide!

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