LPWI: MSDF must be closed!

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin demands that MSDF, the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, be closed.

“Wisconsin incarcerates way too many people as it is,” says Phil Anderson, Chair of LPWI. “On top of that, incarcerating anyone at MSDF is cruel and unusual punishment.”

The state-run MSDF was built in 2001, primarily to imprison people on parole/probation violations. It is located just off 10th and State, overlooking the freeway, and was designed as a “building within a building.” Passers-by can be forgiven if they mistake the facility as just another drab-looking office tower. But the medium-security MSDF has garnered a national reputation as an inhumane facility on par with New York City’s infamous Rikers Island. There is no direct sunlight for MSDF inmates, no fresh air, poor ventilation, no outdoor exercise, and no in-person visits from family or friends. Prisoners are kept in their cells for 20 hours a day or more, and overcrowding is rampant. Only a few small sections are air-conditioned, according to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel investigation.

“This sort of imprisonment is barbaric, and must end,” continues Anderson. “This abuse does not align with Wisconsin values, nor even basic human decency.”

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin stands on the principles of Life, Liberty, and Property. The LP advocates: phasing out personal property, income, and business taxes; term limits on elected officials; the right to bear arms; a reduced size of the federal government; the abolition of victimless crimes; School Choice; and the end to government interference in the marketplace.  Libertarians believe in defending each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and they welcome the diversity that freedom brings.

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