Members first LPWI State Convention

Last weekend I attended the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin’s annual convention. What a fabulous learning opportunity, and great chance to get to know some of my fellow party members. I am already excited for next year, when we will celebrate the progress we are bound to make in the coming months with such an energetic, dedicated group.

Here are some of the things I was so pleased to see the party doing well: Libertarians are a philosophically diverse bunch, with new members coming from all points on the political spectrum. I met former Republicans and former Democrats, pro-lifers, pro-choicers, people who are advocating for drug legalization and criminal justice reform, people who are for and against national borders… all of them debating AND celebrating these differences. Freedom of expression is a given in the Libertarian party.

We elected a new executive committee of proven advocates for liberty. It was unlike any election I’ve ever seen. Despite their differences, the candidates were positive and purpose-driven. The people who spoke in support of their preferred candidates were enthusiastic, but never failed to recognize the great qualities of their nominee’s opposition. Further, individuals stepped up to the plate to ensure that the membership had more than one option for their representative. No one ran unopposed. Liberty means choice. The party members who spoke for or against our resolutions used truth and positive emotion to make their case. Fear – of political opposition, of policy, of our fellow man – was not a factor in our proceedings. Diversity and unity went hand-in-hand. I believe there is a place for everyone in this organization, not only to organize and advocate, but to thrive among individuals who value one another not in spite of, but because of our differences. I am so excited for Wisconsin to learn more about this party as we grow and do good work.

Lauren Fisher

Libertarian Party of Wisconsin CD3 Alternate

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