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Special Post Convention Issue___________May 2019

Fellow Libertarians,

I have the immense pleasure to address you as the New Chair of Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, it was a very humbling experience and I am grateful to all those who supported me (especially my wife). I hope that all of you will come to know me as an honest, open, and passionate promoter of the LPWI values and goals.

We also need to take the time to thank and congratulate our Past Chair Phillip Anderson and Past Secretary Rick Braun who tirelessly worked towards creating Liberty in Wisconsin. We should also congratulate our new executive Committee Officers and District Representatives. This is a wonderful group of Wisconsinites who bring a great vision for making a free Wisconsin and will be outstanding representatives of the LPWI.

Executive Committee:
Vice-Chair Brian Defferding.
Treasurer Adam Markert
Secretary Michael Chianese
At-Large Representatives Chris Nass and Tyler Danke.

Congressional District Representatives:
Dist 2: Patrick Baird, Alt: Miles Kristan
Dist 3: Stephen Ecker, Alt: Lauren Fisher
Dist 4: Rick Braun
Dist 5: Jeff Kortch
Dist 6: John Keller, Alt: Jordan Hansen
Dist 7: Roberty Burke, Alt: Kristin Calhoun
Dist 8: Mike Hammond, Alt: Jason Jaquith

We currently are looking for volunteers to serve as: First Congressional District Representative, and Alternates for Districts 1, 4, and 5. Marketing and Fundraising Committee, Candidates and Campaigns Committee, Convention Committee, and Affiliate Committee.

If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the LPWI via Facebook or email

Matthew Bughman – Chairman
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin

If I have seen farther than other men it is only because I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants.

Outgoing Chair Philip Anderson conducted his possibly last state convention on May 4 at the Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. During his three year tenure he did much to streamline the party into a more business like and procedurally oriented organization. During his time in office the party set up a new web page with mass mailing and fund raising abilities, a state wide newsletter, and obtained a raffle license for the party. Says Phil, “The party is now friendlier and better run than when I took over.” Most members would agree with him on that.

Phil did regret that he did not audit the party’s finances during his time in office, something the new chair must undertake. Yet, “it was a good three years with much progress made.” Philip Anderson will continue to serve on the Executive Committee (ExCom) as past chair.

Other Offices

Brian Defferding, our new Vice Chair, is one of our party’s elected office holders. He serves on the Winnebago County Board where he is using his skills to reach across the aisles to promote limited government solutions to state legislators and other elected officials. He also serves as chair of the Fox Valley Libertarians.

Michael Chinese is the party’s new secretary. A secretary in a political party does more than write thank you letters and take notes at meetings. Michael intends to keep the lines of communications between members running smoothly and see that important agenda items get taken care of.

Adam Markert won another term as the party’s treasurer – and the party is glad to have him there. Being a treasurer for a political party requires knowledge of state and federal law. Having Adam’s continuity gives the party the stability it needs to grow its membership, elect more candidates, and advance its ideals.

Chris Nass and Tyler Danke are the new At-Large District Representatives. They will assist the District Representatives with their tasks and serve as needed accomplishing tasks for the party and with the committees.

Constitution and By-Laws Proposals

Proposals to make the constitution / By-Laws amendable at every state convention with a provision for amendments from the floor, to make the newsletter editor and web master electable non-voting ExCom members, to end the requirement for an annual audit, and to define the duties of the District Representatives – failed.

A proposal to allow the ExCom to conduct its business electronically and remove the provision for absentee balloting passed, as did a proposal to realign the responsibilities of the Judiciary Committee and rename it the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

Other Proposals

A Proposal that the party’s Facebook page shall be “open and free without risk of censorship” – failed. A majority of members believed that moderation is necessary to be in keeping with Facebook’s rules and community guidelines – necessary to avoid the risk of having our page removed because of the inappropriate posts of trolls, hate speech, and non-members hijacking our page.

A recommendation that a review of our party’s constitution and by-laws be undertaken and revisions presented at the 2021 state convention – passed.

The state party officially recognizes that taxation is theft – passed.

A proposal that the state party support an Article V Convention of States with the goal of adding term limits – failed.

Sponsors of our State Convention

The following people or businesses helped sponsor our convention:

Miles Kristan, a journalist out of Madison and creator of “Wisconsin International Radio” invites us all to listen to his pod cast or join him on the street for “Free Coffee Fridays.”

The National Association of Parliamentarians a group whose purpose is to teach people about running an organization, holding officers accountable, and facilitating change.

Monarch Village CBD wants to remind all members: July 27 Freedom Fest and camp out near Westboro. Free to all members it will be what we make of it.

Northwoods Vape Escape in Hayward, Wisconsin. “Friendly people, knowledgeable staff.” Wants us to know: How did we beat prohibition? By noncompliance. All are welcome to join in the fight.

Liberty International Previously International Society of Individual Liberty. Watch the videos. Become a part of the international liberty movement.

Featured Speakers

Radio personality and talk show host of WHBY’s “Fresh Take,” Josh Dukelow gave us his take on why today’s politics are so messed up. But first he gave us his Libertarian bonafides by telling how he assisted in the Badnarik/Campagnia campaign of 2004.

“We need more options. There are more than two answers to each question.” says Dukelow. “Negative partisanship; defining your political beliefs by what you oppose is the biggest problem in today’s politics.”


Libertarian elected Burnsville, Minnesota, City Council member Cara Schultz inspired us all with her story of campaigning through adversity and personal illness. “Why spend the last years of my life doing this? Because this is what I believe in.”

Schultz urges us all to celebrate every victory, normalize winning behaviors, host house parties for candidate with 8-20 people so that people can meet each other face to face, shake those hands before the parade begins, and never let your mailers stir up tribalism. We must want to change our culture to set the world free for it to happen.


Our own Wisconsin LP member Joe Stauffacher spoke on the importance of embracing cannabis legalization. Few libertarians will argue against that. Stauffacher states it is the defining issue of our day because it touches on so many others: regulation, tax freedoms, empowering farmers, sentencing reform. “Growth happens in uncomfortable topics. Let us embrace cannabis as the issue of our time.”


Author of ‘If You Can Keep It: Why we Nearly Lost it and How we Get it Back and the guiding force behind Weapons of Mass Persuasion , Robin Koerner presented “Creating a Cultural Paradigm Shift with a Political Outcome.”  “If you tell the right story you don’t have to argue with them.” Groups reach an empathy to a perceived injustice. Political goals should be based on feelings not ideology – and he told this to a room full of Libertarians – wow! Read the book or take the course.

Long time Libertarian activist and candidate Mary Ruwart presented “How to roll back government without electing anyone” Says Ruwart. “We can not wait for a majority of Libertarians to be elected. There are things we have done and more we can do to make that change happen now.” Through ballot initiatives we will probably win the Drug War without electing anybody. Colorado requires voters to approve every tax increase. We as candidates can often dictate the message the other parties must run on sabotaging their schemes. We can support coalitions and the nullification movement.

Awards Presentation

The Ed Thompson Liberty Award, given to someone or some group whose actions exemplifies libertarian ideals, was given to Shanyell McCloud for her work in promoting expungement of records for those convicted of criminal offenses. These criminal records, often for minor offenses, keep many from rejoining society and living up to their true potential.

The David Harmon Freedom Award  is given to a member whose life time achievements within the party provide an example and inspiration for us all to aspire to. Brian Differding was easily the one member to achieve that honor this year. His work on the Winnebago County Board, with the Fox Valley Affiliate group, our ExCom, his artwork, personal drive and spirit has honored us all.


Looking Towards Next Year’ Convention


2020 Will be a presidential election year with a likely surge in membership. We will not want to discourage anyone from attending. We will also need to recruit ballot petitioners and plan our party’s trips to San Antonio. The editor had a lot of fun this year yet heard from many that the party should strive for a convention with a lower price point to entry. The ExCom sets the time and place but the Events Committee, the one that does all the grunt work for the convention, is still forming. You got some ideas? Volunteer.


Regime change is never easy even with the best of organizations. This year many stepped forward in promoting the pro freedom movement. Not out of fear or because somebody had to do it, but because they believe they can move this state in the direction it needs to go. Our party leadership is full of enthusiastic team players. A different party to meet the new times ahead. Unafraid of the challenges it knows are coming. Please give them your support when they ask for it.


Newsletter Stuff

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This newsletter is intended for Libertarians and interested persons.

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