The LP WIre June 2019

The LP WIre

News and Views of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin

      Issue #3____________________________June 2019

Fellow Libertarians,

I have the immense pleasure to address you as the New Chair of Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, it was a very humbling experience and I am grateful to all those who supported me (especially my wife). I hope that all of you will come to know me as an honest, open, and passionate promoter of the LPWI values and goals.

We also need to take the time to thank and congratulate our Past Chair Phillip Anderson and Past Secretary Rick Braun who tirelessly worked towards creating Liberty in Wisconsin. We should also congratulate our new executive Committee Officers and District Representatives. This is a wonderful group of Wisconsinites who bring a great vision for making a free Wisconsin and will be outstanding representatives of the LPWI.

Executive Committee:
Vice-Chair Brian Defferding.
Treasurer Adam Markert
Secretary Michael Chianese
At-Large Representatives Chris Nass and Tyler Danke.

Congressional District Representatives:
Dist 2: Patrick Baird, Alt: Miles Kristan
Dist 3: Stephen Ecker, Alt: Lauren Fisher
Dist 4: Rick Braun
Dist 5: Jeff Kortch, Alt: Daniel Joestgen
Dist 6: John Keller, Alt: Jordan Hansen
Dist 7: Roberty Burke, Alt: Kristin Calhoun
Dist 8: Mike Hammond, Alt: Jason Jaquith

We currently are looking for volunteers to serve as: First Congressional District Representative, and Alternates for Districts 1 and 4. Marketing and Fundraising Committee, Candidates and Campaigns Committee, Convention Committee, and Affiliate Committee.

If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the LPWI via Facebook or email

Matthew Bughman – Chairman
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin

About the State Convention Last Month

The post-convention review was published on-line at:

Readers may notice that the From-the-Chair article is the same. It is important and news worthy enough to say it twice. Much happened at the state convention. If you weren’t there it will be well worth your time to follow the link.

Who is running for President ?

An online search reveals about 25 people that have either registered with the FEC to run for president as a Libertarian or have publicly expressed interest in running. Vermin Supreme is not yet on the list, nor is Representative Adam Kokesh. Former Senator Mike Gravel, who once ran for the office has filled this time as a Democrat. The Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary are just over 6 months away.

Libertarians select their presidential candidate at a convention. Only to a libertarian does it appear that there is much sway in the platform. Because of this delegates often chose their candidate based on media presence, fund raising ability, name recognition, and many intangible qualifications.

States are awarded delegates based on numbers of party membership and total number of votes our presidential candidate received in the last election. Out of a potential 1000 delegates, Wisconsin will get about 20.

Our National Presidential Nominating Convention will be held in Austin, Texas May 22-25, 2020 – Memorial Day weekend. Delegates must be elected or appointed by their state parties at least 30 days prior to the convention. If you are interested in being one let someone on the Campaigns and Elections Committee know soon.

A little history here –

Summer Time LP Camp Out

Let’s have a party to legalize freedom. A good ol’ Libertarian themed event. The rule of law ends at the gate, but remember, Libertarians are very keen on personal responsibility, civil behavior, and not trashing the place. They are also quite often armed. Be nice to others, don’t take their stuff – there will be consequences. Otherwise do your own thing.

Scott Noble has donated a camp ground for us on the weekend of July 27It has 2 lakes touching its border; canoe size, no power boats. The site is not developed so members would need to bring their own picnic tables, canopy tents, and etc. Power will be available for recharging phones and such. The location of the event is 7838 North Shore Lane in Westboro. The closest public range is in Medford, 16 miles away. All members will be welcome. You may just show up but we would appreciate an RSVP sent to the Events Committee at or Scott Noble at

If you vote “Christian.”

Where exactly do civil laws and religious commands intersect? Most of us can come up with examples for when we think they should and when we think they should not.

If we’re honest, many of these issues are complicated, there’s no obviously right “Christian” answer, and there’s no substitute for discretion, wisdom, and old-fashioned humility. That doesn’t mean Christians, in an effort to advance justice, shouldn’t think through with care what the proper stance is on certain issues.

It simply means people of faith, as they attempt to work out that faith in politics, are going to get a lot of things wrong. And if the mayor of South Bend ends up insisting that a faithful reading of the Bible will inevitably lead one to a progressive politics, he’ll be committing an error similar to the one made by the religious right during the heyday of the Moral Majority. We all need to be wary of becoming self-appointed arbiters of biblical interpretation. Even Pete Buttigieg.

Pictures from the Fox Valley Libertarians Fox River Clean up near Appleton on April 27 (Brian Differding and Carmen Collar)

Brian Differding smiling over a pile of trash

Carmen Collarscanning the river bank

State Party’s Software Switch

Wisconsin’s switch from Nation Builder to CiviCRM has not been without difficulties. This newsletter is late. The editor hopes that it looks good. Mostly he hopes that everyone who was expecting it received one. If you know someone who didn’t or someone who wants to begin receiving it, have them send a request to

If you signed up to give a monthly contribution to the state party, say $5 a month for your membership– and have noticed that your contribution is not happening – please sign up again on the new web page. That functionality did not transfer between platforms. Privacy / security wise that was probably a good thing.

Short Notes

Many environmentalists have changed their minds about nuclear energy over the past decade. While the share of energy produced by solar and wind has grown rapidly, nuclear remains America’s largest source of clean, zero-emissions electricity. Anyone seriously interested in preventing dangerous levels of global warming should be advocating nuclear power.” – The Wall Street Journal

April 10 at 9:22 PM ·

At the organizing meeting of the Fox Valley Libertarians. Adopting bylaws and holding elections tonight. Congratulations Brian Defferding as Chair. David Lautenschlager as Vice Chair. David Grover as Secretary. Carmen Collar as Treasurer.

John McAfee, ladies and gentlemen. To nick a quote from The Dark Knight, he’s the hero America needs, but not the one it deserves right now.” – Coin Rivet.

The discussion gathering I held this week for the Polk County (Iowa) party was on infrastructure. The research I did made me realize this is the theme the Libertarians should take on. The Dems have healthcare and minimum wage. The Republicans have family values and anything they perceive as a threat. The Libs can have infrastructure. It is a necessary topic and showcases the Libertarian principals of limited taxation and freedom. – Rose Field

“Libertarianism is what you probably already believe: Libertarian values are American values. Libertarianism is America’s heritage of liberty, patriotism and honest work to build a future for your family. It’s the idea that being free and independent is a great way to live. That each of us is a unique individual, with great potential. That you own yourself, and that you have the right to decide what’s best for you. Americans of all races and creeds built a great and prosperous country with these libertarian ideals. Let’s use them to build America’s future.” – David Bergland 1935-2019 author, presidential candidate, party founder

“Socialism is in vogue because no one is sure what it is. The classic definition of abolishing private property, a planned economy, and collective ownership of the means of production no longer applies. More people today believe that socialism means ‘equality’ than ‘government control.’ … The same Gallup poll that found 40 percent of the public has a positive view of socialism, however you define it, also discovered large majorities in favor of the free market leading the way on innovation, the distribution of wealth, the economy overall, and wages, and smaller majorities for free-market approaches to higher education and health care. Americans are very bad socialists.” —Matthew Continetti, editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon

Newsletter Stuff

The LP WIre is published in even numbered months. Permission to publish has been given by the LPWI Executive Committee. Editor in Chief is Kevin Litten. The editor of this newsletter may be reached by email at . Submissions are welcome but are subject to editing for applicability and length. Copyright © 2019, permission to copy only given for research, scholarship, criticism, or comment.

This newsletter is intended for Libertarians and interested persons.

Articles are welcome. Images are appreciated.

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