Opinion: On Impeaching the President

It should surprise no Libertarian that the political system in the United States is broken. This is perhaps nowhere more obvious than the current impeachment theater playing out in Washington D.C. today.

Impeachment is a political process. Because a trial – sort of – takes place it sounds like a legal proceeding. But it is not. Are any of the jurors, the senators themselves, truly impartial? Will those jurors review the evidence impartially, search their conscience, assuming they still have one, and vote in the best interests of their country and constituents? Yeah lots of luck on that.

To a Libertarian there are few if any presidents that should not have been impeached. High crimes and misdemeanors – forget about that. They did not keep their promise to uphold the constitution. But then neither does the congress.

Our congress quit working some time ago. One would think there would be a statesmanship drive amongst our leaders for the public welfare, a zeal for fairness, and competency. Instead we have two old boy’s clubs each full of millionaires seeking to promote their own partisan advantage.

Our congress is incapable of performing even its most basic functions. How will impeachment work for the good of the country if congress does not work?

All Americans are aware of these problems. We have a caustic two-party system held in place

by gerrymandered districts, taxpayer-funded bribes to voters, and big corporations in bed with big government. Libertarians may not view income inequality as a bad thing. We do however find fault with people going into politics to get rich and staying there till the day they die.

We do not, as a party, support term limitations. We do overwhelmingly support voting nearly all of our current national office holders out. It is time for newer parties, like the Libertarian Party, to take over. Let us make government small and efficient enough to fit within the bounds of the constitution.

Even a few Libertarians in the house and senate would have a chilling effect on those drunk on their own power. We would serve as the designated drivers for the nation. We will get this country to its best destination safely. The current drivers are going nowhere at all.

This next election, ask yourself why you keep voting for those same jokers over and over again. What will change? Vote Libertarian. What have you got to lose? It will send the message you are not going to put up with two party oppression forever. We can all live free within our lifetime. Let’s give the adults a chance at governing for a change.


The above opinion piece was written by Kevin Litten. Kevin has been a member of theLibertarian Party since 1996. The opinion expressed is his own. He may be reached at kdlitten@charter.net

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