Convention Update

****LPWI convention announcement****

In light of a State of Emergency issued by Federal, State, and local officials the LPWI Executive Committee met last night to reevaluate holding our State Convention this coming weekend (03/21/20). The LPWI believes that family and health come first. In effort to protect our membership and their families the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Executive Committee voted to refrain from holding an in-person convention.

To complete necessary party business the LPWI leadership voted that in place of an in-person convention we will hold a virtual convention to fill this obligation. The digital convention is open to party membership free of charge and will focus on selecting delegates to the National Convention. The LPWI further voted to have an in-person convention later in the year to resolve other convention business in-person. More information will be forthcoming today as to the details of digital convention.

Thank you again for your understanding as we navigate these trying times and for your continued dedication to achieving liberty in Wisconsin, because if there is ever a time to be champions of liberty now is the time.

In Liberty,
Matthew Bughman
State Chair
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin

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