LPWI Takes Stand On Government Reaction To Civid-19 Issues

As the old party leadership in Madison implements orders that fly in the face of individual rights and medical advice, the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is leading the movement for a careful return to economic activity founded on personal liberty and responsibility. To this end, the LPWI adopted two resolutions during the Executive Committee meeting on Sunday, April 26.


Resolution: Emergencies –

Whereas governmental bodies in the ongoing COVID crisis have stepped beyond their rightful powers, and

Whereas no person or organization can claim to hold the principles of Liberty in times of peace and plenty who does not hold them as firmly in times of emergency,

Be it therefore resolved that the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin make known its opposition to tyranny in humanitarian’s clothing, affirming that:

No “emergency,” whether declared or undeclared, shall be used as a pretext or justification for the limitation of any of the rights and freedoms of the individual, or for the expansion of the powers of government or any of its agencies, representatives, or member institutions.


Resolution: Emergency Powers –

Whereas the executive orders pertaining to shelter in place and closing non-essential business, issued by Governor Evers and enacted by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, place undue harm on many residents of the state.

Whereas these orders apply statewide, with no regard to population density, a definite factor in the spread of a virus.

Whereas these orders apply to all residents, regardless of whether they are infected with the virus, suspected of being infected, or not infected.

Whereas these orders apply to all residents without consideration of whether they are more susceptible to the virus due to factors such as age or other existing health conditions.

Whereas businesses are being forced to close or allowed to remain open based on whether they are deemed “essential,” a condition which has no bearing on the spread of a virus.

Whereas the requirements or conditions associated with being deemed essential or non-essential are inadequately defined.

Whereas businesses are not being forced to close nor allowed to remain open based on their ability to operate under social distancing recommendations, an acknowledged method of reducing the spread of a virus.

Whereas many outdoor recreational activities are prohibited even if they can be done within those same social distancing recommendations.

We, the Libertarian Party Of Wisconsin, do hereby resolve that Governor Evers’ executive order #72 dated March 12 2020 constitutes overreaction and overreach.

We further resolve that many of the rules and regulations included in and resulting from this executive order are unnecessary, unspecific, unequally applied, and excessive.

We further resolve to ask that the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin, having the authority to do so under Wisconsin State Statutes chapter 323, subchapter 2, paragraph 10, overturn Governor Evers’ order #72, dated March 12 2020, and all Department Of Health Services orders resulting from said order.

Government intervention and overreach into the medical field has paralyzed healthcare professionals in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has threatened the health and lives of Wisconsin residents, and, by result of Evers’ safer-at-home order, caused personal financial ruin to many of our most vulnerable community members. It’s time to take back our state from the entrenched Republican and Democrat parties and institute a government that cares about its citizens while respecting their rights and liberties.

Thank you.
Matthew Bughman.
Chair, Libertarian Party Of Wisconsin.

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