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One of the easiest things a volunteer can do is help grow our social media footprint. The state party has a very active Facebook page, as do some local party affiliates. These pages are busy posting party info, events, and news, as well as hosting discussions on a wide variety of subjects and current events. Please follow along or join in.

There are a lot of “local” discussion pages on Facebook. Some welcome political discussion, some do not.If you know of some of these that do, or are part of any political discussion groups or pages outside of libertarian ones, please make an effort to share info and posts back and forth between those groups and your LP contacts.

Don’t just be part of a libertarian echo chamber. Make an effort to grow the libertarian social media footprint outside of just libertarian sources.

Lack of attention and misinformation are two major problems facing Libertarians and the LP. These problems will probably never disappear, but their impact can be increasingly challenged.

People can’t vote for or even consider alternatives if they don’t know they have them. Let them know.

Thank you.
Mike Hammond.
LPWI marketing/membership/fundraising committee.

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