Get Jorgensen/Cohen On The Wisconsin Ballot

As many of you probably know, the Libertarian party recently selected Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen as candidates for President and Vice President.

What you may not know is that the Libertarian Party does not have automatic ballot status in Wisconsin for the 2020 Presidential candidates.

As a result of this, nomination papers will have to be circulated on their behalf in order for them to be included on the ballot in November.

The LPWI is working on the details of a plan to gather the needed signatures (2000-4000) and get them turned in by the August 4 deadline. Signatures can not be collected before July 1 so the period to collect is not that long.

The plan includes mailing nomination papers, pre filled with all candidate and elector info included, to all LPWI members and anyone else who would volunteer to circulate or sign them. If you would like to help circulate or even just sign, please let us know at If you can help circulate please include your mailing address so we can get the papers to you.

The plan is coming together nicely but will take some funding for paper, printing, and postage. If you could donate to help out, it would be greatly appreciated. The link to the contribution page of the website is .

There is much to be done to make this a successful campaign for Jorgensen / Cohen and the Libertarian party. We hope that you will follow along or even join in.

Thank you.
Mike Hammond.
LPWI marketing/membership/fundraising committee

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