Message From New LPWI Affiliate Support Coordinator

Fellow Libertarians, Greetings.

My name is Stephen Ecker, and I am the new Affiliate Support Coordinator for the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (LPWI.)

I have been a libertarian for many years and decided to join the Libertarian Party, both the national and WI state party, in 2016 due to the optimism surrounding the candidacy of Gary Johnson for POTUS. I became more active in the party beginning in 2019, when a small group of liberty-loving Portage County residents, including myself, formed the Libertarian Party of Portage County (LPPC). At that time, I also became active with the Fox Valley Libertarians (FVL) as a member.

At the LPWI convention that year I was elected the LPWI 3rd Congressional District Representative, thus becoming a member of the LPWI Executive Committee (ExCom.) Later in 2019 I was involved with the merger of LPPC and the Libertarians of Marathon County (LMC), creating the affiliate named Libertarian Party of Central Wisconsin (LPCW) which covers Marathon, Portage, and Wood counties.

Serving as Chair of LPPC and, later, LPCW, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges involved with funding, growing, and raising awareness of a county or regional affiliate. I also, as a member of FVL, have enjoyed witnessing the success of that group.

Now, as your new Affiliate Support Coordinator, it is my responsibility to help affiliates maximize their success despite their challenges, as well as establish new affiliates in counties/regions without an active affiliate. It is also my responsibility to report to ExCom regarding my progress and noteworthy accomplishments among the affiliates, as well as setbacks.

In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to reaching out to each affiliate, as well as other individuals who have been brought to my attention who wish to begin assembling an affiliate in their county or region. It is my intention to keep touch base regularly with each affiliate and will be seeking a single point of contact within each affiliate for that purpose.

To contact me, please email Put Attn: Affiliate Support Coordinator in the subject line.

In Liberty.
Stephen Ecker. Affiliate Support Coordinator, LPWI

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