A Call For Attention : Gerrymandering

If you don’t think gerrymandering ⁠—  manipulating the boundaries of political districts ⁠— is an issue, check out some of the boundaries of our Wisconsin Assembly districts.


The LPWI had it’s only Assembly candidate for 2020, Reese Wood, disqualified for insufficient number of nomination paper signatures. His signature count was originally okayed by the Wisconsin Election Commission, but several of his signatures were challenged by both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Several of his signatures were found to be from people who live outside of his district (44). Reese does not dispute the fact that the signatures were actually invalid but points out that all contested signatures were from residents of Janesville, which for the most part is in district 44.

Look at the map of district 44, and you will be able to see how the mistakes were made and why there would be confusion about whether or not you would be in a given district.

Reese argued before the WEC, asking that the challenges be overturned. His request was denied.

This statement is not to continue the fight to overturn the challenges. Reese has accepted the outcome and has moved on to maintaining his campaign but as a write-in candidate.

The purpose of this statement is twofold: to ask for support for Reese’s campaign and to draw attention to a messed up situation.

It is time to stop letting politicians set their own boundaries specifically and their own rules overall.

Mike Hammond.
LPWI marketing/membership/fundraising committee.

Note: If you look at the map, you will need to click on the “view all districts” tab in the upper left hand corner. The district outlined when you first load the map is my own district (6)

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