Jo Jorgensen for President Ballot Nomination Instructions

The attached ballot nomination form (print letter sized paper, print legal sized paper) is for the combined ticket for President and Vice President of Libertarian Party nominees Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen. There is no need to fill out separate nomination papers for each candidate.

The ballot gathering period is from July 1, 2020 to August 4, 2020. Completed papers are due in the offices of the Wisconsin Election Commission by 5:00 pm on August 4. Patrick Baird of Madison will be responsible for gathering, collating, and
submitting completed forms in person. We ask you to mail or deliver your completed papers to Patrick at:

Patrick Baird
902 S. Brooks Street Apt. 2
Madison WI 53715

To arrange to deliver them in person, please contact Patrick at

We ask that if you are mailing the forms to drop them in the mail no later than Thursday, July 30. If you are close to that deadline, you may want to consider sending them Priority Mail.

You can check with your local LPWI affiliate to see if they are offering pick-up of the forms. You can find your local affiliate at:

A few notes about completing the forms correctly.

  • You, as the circulator, must sign and date the bottom of each form once the form is full. You must also print your name and residential address on the bottom.
  • Each person who signs must be a resident of the state of Wisconsin and an eligible voter.
  • You can fill in their addresses and date the signature for them, but it is better to let them fill it out if they can to avoid errors. This must be their residential address, no PO Boxes.
  • DO NOT NUMBER THE PAGES. Patrick is responsible for numbering them at the end of the process before they are submitted.
  • The electors listed on the form are a part of the Electoral College, chosen by the Executive Committee of LPWI. They will be responsible for actually delivering Wisconsin’s 8 electoral college votes in the amazing event that Jo and Spike win in November.

2,000 signatures are required to get Jo and Spike on the ballot, but since we are certain the Democrats and Republicans will try and get as many signatures invalidated as possible, we are shooting for 3,000 signatures. We realize that this is
a difficult task in the middle of a pandemic but we appreciate all your efforts. Every signature counts!

Please contract Patrick or your local affiliate with any questions.

Let’s make this happen for liberty!


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