Are You A Member?

Many of you are already members of LPWI. If you are not, please give it some thought.
The LPWI is about providing another choice on election ballots for those who feel left out or abandoned by the two major parties. Those who would prefer a more limited government with more personal freedom and responsibility seldom seem to have that choice when presented with only R or D at election time.

If you are someone who is looking for political alternatives, please give the Libertarian party a look. Add your voice to the conversation with those who are fed up with “business as usual” politics. Toss your ideas into the ring with other alternative solutions and answers to today’s problems and issues, something other than the tax and spend solutions constantly offered up by those currently in power.

Attention and information are key. Social media is a growing source of both. Help us spread the LPWI word by joining the conversations and discussions. Please take some time to help promote the LPWI pages, area affiliate pages, and related local discussion pages and/or groups on face book or other social media platforms. Invite folks who you think would be interested. We need to grow our social media footprint now to make it a more powerful tool come election time.

Folks can’t make choices if they don’t know they have them. Help us let them know when they do and where they are. Click on the membership link for more info about joining LPWI.
Many thanks.

Mike Hammond
marketing/membership/fundraising committee chair, LPWI

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