A Call To Action


By LPWI member Tony Moen

Use Your Voice, NOW is the Time!

A whisper of freedom is carried in the winds of these changing times, can you hear it?

It would appear the consequences of this election have never been clearer, and the weight of each American’s voice can no longer be understated. USE YOUR VOICE! We have endured generations of wasted votes for corrupt Duopoly candidates, themselves differing little outside of which special interest group benefited from their power; and have now metastasized a severely threatening political environment for our country. It is by no exaggeration to claim that we stand on the precipice of one of the most challenging hours for our people’s integrity and principles.

Authoritarian bureaucrats and greedy interests in the Government have engineered a constant state of fear and chaos; perpetuated by the parasitic mainstream media that profits from the propagandized fear mongering. They have cornered many innocent Americans into believing that an ever inflating and empowered State is the only solution. They expect their fellow citizens to place our entire livelihoods in their hands, and trust that they will always know what is better for us than we will know for ourselves. To their dismay it is becoming very evident, with over 100 million eligible non-voters and millions more who choose third party and independent candidates every single election cycle, that the vast majority of citizens in our country no longer feel represented by the decisions these treasonous politicians are making.

Over a century of passing laws that have directly negatively impacted, burdened, and imposed on our lives and of those we love and care for.

Endless, expensive, devastating wars abroad and now even here on our own soil, and against our fellow citizens; sacrificing thousands of lives to impose absolute control and influence around the globe. Favoritism in our markets, stifling competition, suffocating the most disadvantaged groups among us; while subsidizing billions to lobbyist organizations and passing laws that work only toward their benefit. A collapsing health care system forcing it’s customers to pay many times more than necessary due to arbitrary licensing restrictions and countless regulations on medical service providers.

The American people cannot sit by any longer and watch as these forces work to dissolve our country and break our nation’s spirit. We must stand up, unite as one, and use our combined voices to demand the change we seek! Every single eligible voter has a dire choice to make, will we succumb entirely to the control of those who cannot be held accountable for their actions; or work together to tear down this corrupt system and replace it with one of localized self-governance beholden to the communities that elect it. Will we be continue to be disillusioned by the facade of Left vs. Right, or will we understand this is a battle of Freedom vs. Force?

NOW IS THE TIME! We must bring America back together in unity, before our very foundational principles can no longer support the heavy burdens of these decades of “hands-off” governing. Any eyes who meander their way to these words, have already felt the growing call to action that now fills the hearts and minds of millions. We cannot afford to ignore this defining moment in our nation’s history. Reach out, stand up, spark conversations and tell absolutely anybody that will listen! Write to your local papers, share all the memes, join the rallies/convoys/protests, and do not back down! Our fellow citizens must hear that there is a viable alternative other than choosing the lesser of two evils. We can choose the greater good!

The gusts turn to gales, as whispers gather to their inevitable calamitous roar, can you hear it?

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