Bus Tour 2.0 With Dr. Jo.


Have you been negatively impacted by the overreaching and unaccountable bureaucratic cronies elected to government?  Have your rights been violated, paychecks seized, and neighbors locked up for victimless crimes?  You may be entitled to a compensation!  The Libertarian Party seeks to tear down the established control state and restore your freedoms, returning the ownership of your life back to YOU!

To find out more, come down to the Capitol Building in Madison on Saturday, September 26th at 5:45pm!  Libertarian Presidential Candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen will be making a stop in her BIG BLUE BUS, as part of the “Real Change for Real People” tour.  She will be discussing how the principles of Libertarianism can provide the solutions to many of the dire issues our country currently faces; while also explaining her campaign’s crucial efforts to grow the party and WIN the election this November!


This is a FREE outdoor event held in a public space, so plan accordingly and please maintain consideration for the safety of all participants.  Make sure to bring your best questions, as Dr. Jo will be answering them after her remarks! 

If you are interested in volunteering, select the “volunteer” ticket option when you RSVP, or email doorco4liberty@gmail.com

For special VIP tickets or more details about this event, make sure to head over here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bus-tour-20-with-dr-jo-madison-wi-tickets-119040046985!

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