Write-in Candidate Reese Wood Assembly 44

The election is one month away. Did you know there’s a libertarian option for state assembly in the Janesville area? Reese Wood is running as a write-in candidate for Wisconsin’s 44th assembly district. Reese announced his second run for state assembly in April of this year in the midst of Wisconsin’s stay at home orders. On June 1st his campaign submitted 229 signatures. With 209 signatures approved by the elections commission, the campaign was set to be on the ballot in a race against a republican and a democrat for an open seat election.

Within three days the executive directors of both the republican and democrat assembly committees challenged 13-17 various signatures. Reese became the only candidate in the state to receive challenges from both parties. In the end, just enough signatures were challenged to take Reese off the ballot. He has since continued as a write-in candidate. Reese is running on a platform of transparency and accountability, election reform, criminal justice reform, and against crony-capitalism.

-Monthly Town Hall Meetings
-Disclose Salary, Staff Salary, and Expenditures
-Open Door Policy
-Keep a public record of daily communication and correspondence

-Reduce or remove administrative barriers that make it difficult for an average citizen to run for office
-Support efforts to propose term limits

-Oppose efforts within the assembly to pick winners and losers in the economy. Consistently vote against crony-capitalism
-Oppose state licensing laws that should respect the fundamental right of the individual to pursue an occupation
-Defend a free market economy and the rights of people to engage in peaceful and honest trade.
-Support the return of every tax dollar that leaves Janesville for the state shared revenue program
-Support and advocate for reduced taxes wherever possible

-Hold monthly town hall meetings and make it a priority to facilitate additional meetings between the public and local law enforcement
-Address racial disparities in our criminal justice system
-Advocate for common sense reform of parole and probation to keep non-violent offenders on paper and out of our overcrowded prisons
-Support cannabis reform

Contact the campaign for more information or for a free yard sign. Find Reese Wood for Assembly on Facebook, Instagram. and Twitter. Also at reesewoodforassembly.com

Make a contribution at https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/394953/reese-wood

Thank you for your support
Libertarian Party Of Wisconsin.
Reese Wood For Assembly

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