What’s Next

The election may be over. Everyone has their own opinion about the results and what will happen next. Here is what will be happening next within the LPWI.

Marketing, membership, fundraising, campaigns, candidates, convention, and affiliates all have a lot of possibilities up on the board right now. We are genuinely excited about the possibilities. Targeted mailings and emails, facebook ads, a much more active and useful website, a handbook for affiliates, adding writer, reporter, or other PR positions, raffle possibilities, twitter and Instagram, recruiting and assisting candidates at various levels, and a YouTube channel for party and candidate videos are all things that have been discussed with various people.

If you are interested in getting involved, there are many ways to do so. Just follow along or join in the conversations on social media.  If you are not a member, please consider joining LPWI. We have a growing number of local affiliates looking for members as well. If you are considering a run for office at any level, LPWI hopes to offer more assistance to candidates than in the past.

There is usually a dip in in interest and activity after a November general election. We are hoping to avoid that this time. Thanks for your continued interest.

Mike Hammond
LPWI marketing/membership/fundraising committee

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