From the Chair: The Election and Beyond

My friends,

November 3rd has come and gone and while our Presidential Ticket and the Libertarian Party was unable to secure large scale victories on the ballot, we did secure smaller victories that will help shape the political landscape of Wisconsin and the United States of America.

In Wisconsin the Jorgensen / Cohen ticket secured over 1% of the popular vote with over 38,000 votes. Their performance was a twofold victory, as it has secured LPWI ballot status as a recognized party going forward to the 2022 election.  And before I hear again that Dr. Jorgensen cost the election for President Trump, we look at it from a different angle. The result will force both republicans and democrats to consider libertarian policies or risk seeing the same results in future elections.

Elsewhere in Wyoming Libertarian Marshall Burt secured victory in his assembly race. This is the first time in nearly a generation that a Libertarian has won a statehouse seat. Other Wyoming candidates came with only a few votes from other state house victories. This is important to the LPWI as it provides a working model for how to run winning campaigns in Wisconsin and further spread liberty in Wisconsin.

I have received multiple emails from membership about what is next for the LPWI now that the election is over. We are already in the processes of creating a volunteer and donor infrastructure for our candidates and party to use in upcoming elections. We are currently recruiting candidates for local office for the spring 2021 and spring 2022 elections. My goal has always been to build our party from the local level.

We are also recruiting candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and Attorney General for the fall 2022 election. These races are important in maintaining ballot status for the 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidate and increasing party awareness. I am excited to announce that in the coming time candidates for Attorney General and State Treasurer will be announcing their intent to run, so stand by for updates.

The LPWI has seen tremendous growth in our local affiliates, no doubt due to the diligent work of our affiliate coordinator Stephen Ecker. We will continue to diligently grow our local affiliates so Wisconsin Libertarians have places to meet and connect with fellow liberty lovers.

Even with all these projects their success solely relies on your support. I ask that each of you to consider running for office, joining or starting an affiliate, joining the LPWI, volunteering for the party and/or candidates, and donating to the party.

You are the future and the LPWI will do everything it can to enable our success in creating a Free and Libertarian Wisconsin.

In Liberty,
Matthew Bughman
State Chair

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