From The Chair: A Plea for Principle over Party.

Dear Friends of Liberty,
We have now had a month to digest and reflect on the embarrassment and travesty of the storming of the United States Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump. As a Libertarian, the thought of any use of force or coercion to achieve political goals is appalling. That is exactly what the participants in the storming of the capitol did, as they intended to forcefully change the outcome of November’s Presidential Election.
“We believe that no conflict exists between civil order and individual rights and that individuals, groups, or governments should not initiate force against other individuals, groups, or governments.”
-Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Preamble-
Before you jump to conclusions on the intent or purpose of this statement, know that the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin recognizes the hypocrisy  and the danger that President Biden and his administration poses not only to Libertarians, but for all Americans. We will continue to call out any abuses of power their administration commits. We will continue to demand a government by the people and for the people, no matter what party is in office.
“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.-
The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin emphatically condemns the actions that occurred on January 6th.  Violence and coercion are never the answer to resolve political differences. The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is a messenger of change through peace. We do not seek the power to rule, but seek to give the individual the power to rule themselves.
Unfortunately, many Republican officials and leaders have doubled down in support of the actions at the Capitol. Other Republican leaders have remained eerily silent on the incident. Some have taken a stand that principle supersedes party and have left the Republican party that no longer represents them. I applaud the integrity of those who have left and placed their principles above party, knowing full well the political ramifications of rebuking the Republican Party.
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I call on all Wisconsin Republicans to take a long look in the mirror and determine if your party is truly representing your values.  If your answer is no, then I would urge you to consider joining with me and the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and its members place principle over party and are uncompromising in our platform and values. We place the utmost value on Life, Liberty, and Property. These are values the Republican Party has claimed to represent, but has failed to uphold.
I can assure you that by joining the Libertarian Party you will not have to compromise your values and will feel vindicated by our unbending dedication to the values of Life, Liberty, and Property. The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin will welcome you with open arms. I know that together we can create a wave of change  in Wisconsin, that will bring liberty to all Wisconsinites.
So please reflect on events that have transpired over the past year and ask yourself what is more important; Toeing the party line or standing up for your principles?
In Liberty,
Matthew Bughman
State Chair
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin
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