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Welcome to the relaunch of the LPWI newsletter, the LPwire.

This communication will consist of news from the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Executive Committee (LPWI ExCom) and include reports from sub-committees, area and county affiliates, and most importantly candidates running for office.

The success of this effort depends on committees, affiliates, and
campaigns telling us what they are doing so we can share it with you,
the members of the party. We also want to hear your stories. Let us know
about your individual efforts towards liberty in our lifetime. Kevin
Litten will be collecting stories and content for the LP Wire. Think about sending
in one of your own. The address is kdlitten@charter.net

One final thing, Kevin really likes pictures, happy smiling faces of
Libertarians in action. Send those too.


2021 LPWI Convention heralds new Executive Committee

April 24 was a big day for Wisconsin Libertarians. We held our annual convention at the Lismore Hotel in Eau Claire, setting a new record for attendance with over 100 people present.

Our party elected new officers. You will be hearing from all of them or about all of them over the next few months. Did you get appointed or elected to serve on a committee? If not there are still positions available to assist the party. Inquire at info@lpwi.org.

Our convention had the best bunch of speakers of all the Libertarian state conventions in the nation: Adam Kokesh, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Spike and Tasha Cohen, Caryn Ann Harlos, Joe Bishop-Henchman, and John Phillips. Rumor has it that George Quillis, in a non-speaking role, was there too. If the printed word could do justice to the emotion, moving oration, and conviction of these speakers there would be no reason for conventions. You just had to be there. Dr. Jo and Spike shook the hands of all those present and chatted personally with each to thank them for their support in the 2020 election.

There is no escaping the business portion of a state convention. Matt Bughman, in his last outing as state chair, steered an incredible 13 amendments and 4 resolutions through to a successful ending. An impressive performance in herding cats.

Three Bylaws changes, out of the 13 proposed, passed. Bylaws amendments may now be proposed yearly, instead of only in odd numbered years. Another important change was that moving forward, any changes to the bylaws proposed at convention may be amended from the floor, so long as amendments are pertinent to the subject at hand. A step to bring our state party closer to the way national runs things.

Four resolutions passed from the floor. Our state party will begin work on a Policy and Procedure Manual. This will include the duties / responsibilities of each committee and its members, along with the procedures they will use to accomplish their tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you Timothy J. Krenz for proposing this.

Another resolution will finish the job that was called for at the 2019 convention, which was combining our party’s Constitution and Bylaws into one document to be known as “The By-Laws of the Wisconsin Libertarian Party.” This will make our governing documents easier to read and understand. It will also reaffirm them should our original documents ever be lost. Thank you Michael Conard for proposing this.

A third resolution called for more transparency and timeliness in the way our committees conduct their business, here again bringing us more in line with our national party’s policies. Thank you Brian Gleason for proposing this resolution.

Jeff Kortsch proposed that the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin honor the life and liberty of Chuck Schilling, who sadly passed away in November 2020. Chuck was a party member well-liked by all who knew or worked with him for his endeavors to set the world free in our lifetime. This resolution also passed.

Lastly it is important to thank Nathan Gall and all the volunteers on the Events Committee. They sweated the details and put in the hard work so that good fortune and opportunity could smile on us. Great conventions don’t just happen. The planning for the 2022 convention is already in the works.


Mike Hammond
Chair. LPWI Marketing & Membership committee

Lauren Fisher
LPWI Press Secretary

Kevin Litten
LPwire Editor

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