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News and Views of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin June 2021

In an unfortunate turn of events Tony Moen has stepped down as party chair. He remains a member of the party. Our vice chair, Jacob VandenPlas, has assumed the Chair position position with full approval and confidence of the Executive Committee. The next ExCom meeting is scheduled for June 20. Filling the Vice Chair position is on the agenda. If you have any questions, contact your district representative.

It’s Summertime

More than that, it is summertime in an “off-year.” But as diehard Libertarians, we think there are no off-years in politics. Even without candidates actively running for office there are things active Libertarians can do to keep the flame of freedom burning.
Write your state or federal congress critter. Let them know what you are thinking.
Study up on your own local issues. They affect you more than you might think.
Send that letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Your opinion matters.
Other states have found fair and equitable methods of deciding congressional districts. It is time we took Wisconsin out of the gerrymandering business. Keep the pressure on the state house.
Don’t neglect that casual comment to your friends about how well the two old parties have been running things. “You don’t suppose it is time for a change, do you?”
And lastly do something for yourself; read a book. Maybe one of the classics; 1984, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Animal Farm, or The Joy Makers. You can always read George Phillies young adult fare or do a search for pro-freedom literature and be surprised at what you find.

Coming Events

The Convention Committee has chosen our state’s 2022 convention site. After reviewing several good and a few not-so-good convention centers and hotels, the committee decided to host next years convention at the Radisson in Green Bay. Mark the date; April 29, 30, and May 1 2022. More information later.

This summer there will be a camp out for party members and freedom lovers. Save the date, August 13-15.

About these Libertarian camp outs: They’re like being on a date and things are going so well you ask the women you are with if she has brought any protection. “Of course silly, I never go anywhere without my 9 mm.” It is kind of like that. Now I know you are all thinking, the merits of 9mm. Is it really the best choice? What you should be thinking is the best way to have a good time is to remember it is all about personal responsibility and respecting the space of those around you. Yeah it is going to be a lot of fun. More details to come.

Thinking about running for office? Thinking about helping some one else run for office? Our 6 state region is hosting a ramp-up training for Libertarian candidates, staff, and state officers. It will be held in Des Moines, Iowa on September 18, and it is free. Spearheaded by sitting Burnsville, Minnesota city council member Cara Schulz, the program will be an intensive, in-person, introductory course to familiarize Libertarian candidates and staff with the basic elements of running a political campaign. Learn more.

It gets better too. If you are one of the first to apply our state party may give you $100 bucks
towards your gas and lodging expenses. You know, cause free is never free.

Marketing & Membership Committee News

The LPWI Marketing and Membership committee has been busy since the Party’s convention in April. Progress continues on the LPWI website. We hope you’ve noticed the up to date info and events along with the additional pages.

Rand Dickson is reactivating our Twitter account, so make sure to follow us @LPWI.

Membership cards will be mailed to those who have joined since January. If you don’t receive yours contact the party at info@lpwi.org

The biggest changes always happen behind the scenes. If you’d like to help the party and its candidates, join the fun, umm, I mean this committee. —Mike Hammond / M&M Chair

Candidate Support Committee

The goal of the Candidate Support Committee is to develop, document and preserve the tools, knowledge base and materials needed to recruit and support Libertarian Party candidates for local, state and federal office. The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin currently has more than a dozen potential or running candidates–you can be one of them!

If you are considering running for office at any level as a Libertarian, send your contact information and the office(s) you are considering running for to info@lpwi.org. We will reply with a list of questions that will help us determine how best to help get you on your way to being a Libertarian Party candidate. —Jeff Kortsch / Candidate Support Chair

Mike Hammond
Chair. LPWI Marketing & Membership committee

Lauren Fisher
LPWI Press Secretary

Kevin Litten
LPwire Editor

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