A letter from the LPWI Chair

My fellow defenders of Liberty,

A lot has transpired in the few months since I was elected to serve as Vice Chair for Libertarian Party of Wisconsin at our state convention in April. Tony Moen, our state party Chair, unexpectedly resigned from his elected role in June. Shortly thereafter, the LPWI Executive Committee unanimously elected me to fulfill the role of Chair. It is a tremendous honor to serve as your Chair as we bring the LPWI into formidable force on the political front.

Now in recent weeks, a dispute among the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Executive Committee has led to unrest within the Libertarian National Committee and resulted in multiple resignations, including that of National Party Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman.

It’s easy to understand why this turbulence would cause some to question their involvement with the LPWI, or the Libertarian Party as a whole.

Let me assure you, the things that truly matter have not changed. We are still an organization that believes in helping people. We still believe in empowering those around us to fight for their individual liberties. We believe in charity and volunteerism. We dream of, and work for, a future free of government intervention. A future we can all be proud of and a legacy that lives through time.

Although we are a movement of individuals—of different opinions, strategies, and caucuses—we share an unbreakable commitment to these aforementioned ideals. Despite our differences, we can, and should, still get behind this message and continue to move forward. The fate of our depleting liberty depends on it.

Here are a few steps the LPWI is taking in the coming weeks to keep the momentum going:
In the next few weeks I will develop a mission statement for the LPWI and submit it for approval to our Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee is developing new ways to support local affiliates, creating a robust candidate support system, and finding new and creative ways for our members to volunteer.

Through any storm, myself and the rest of the Executive Committee will continue to be the light and support the establishment and growth of the county-level affiliates. Through charity and volunteerism, the LPWI will shape the future of the United States. We will turn Wisconsin Gold, we will win elections, and we will set America free!

In Life and Liberty,
Jacob VandenPlas
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Chair


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