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News and Views of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin August 2021

Summer is nearly over and the world has gone crazy. If it is not crazy it is on fire. The senate has passed another trillion dollar bill. Somehow our troops leaving Afghanistan doesn’t make it right that they were there in the first place. People who want to work are able to find work, imagine that. In other news, no Libertarian president has ever been impeached or Libertarian governor been forced to resign. Somewhere in that statement is a Minnesota Vikings joke. The world goes on. Progress is being made.

Affiliate News

In July the Rock County Libertarian Party interim board members established a bank account, registered with the WEC, and elected board officers. The new Chair is Reese Wood, Vice-chair is Rick Last, Secretary is Kevin Kangas, and Ashley Ramsey is Treasurer. Recent progress would not have been possible without Thomas Miller who served as RCLP interim chair.

August 1st the RCLP participated in a pro-educational freedom event sponsored by We The Parentsof Rock County and Rock County Action. The event was also attended by LPWI Chair and Congressional candidate Jacob VandenPlas.

The Milwaukee School of Engineering has a student group, unaffiliated with the Libertarian Party, which for some time has been discussing politics from a libertarian point of view. They will have a booth promoting their group at their Student Organization Fair in the fall. The group has 47 members. Point person is John Bilkey who is the President. bilkeyj@msoe.edu.
Reported by Neil Harmon

An effort is underway to start a LPWI affiliate in Jefferson County. Interested persons contact James Rohrer. email jim.rohrer1955@gmail.com.

Central Wisconsin Affiliate
The CWA has decided to float their meetings around between Stevens Point, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids with business meetings every four months and social/activity meetings monthly. The affiliate has discussed attending fairs, parades, local events, and farmers markets. They are also discussing ways to boost their online presence, especially postings in local news outlets.

The CWA will probably be the first affiliate to complete all the necessary steps to obtain the $200 the state party is offering to active affiliates.

Speaking about the meeting held on August 3, Jason Biggs had this to say. “Overall, all in attendance agree that membership growth is key and that we need to grow our message throughout our communities and the state.” Jason is Chair of the Libertarian Party of Central Wisconsin,. reach him at bigjramfan@gmail.com.

Bylaws Committee

The committee has less than two months to go to submit a completed Policy and Procedure Manual to the party. Some parts have already been submitted to outside committee members, officers, and Executive Committee members for their review and comment. The policy and Procedure Manual will be a living document to guide our party. Kevin Litten-Chair.

Marketing and Membership Committee

It appears our state party is entering a “Post Presidential Election” lull of sorts. Many who joined the party a year ago because of interest in the Jo Jorgensen campaign are now letting those memberships lapse. I would encourage those who got involved in the Jorgensen campaign to remain involved. Work to help state and local candidates get elected in upcoming races or just to advance Libertarian ideals in general. Keep the momentum of recent progress made rather than start over again in a couple years. Mike Hammond-Chair

Candidate Support Committee

Are you considering running for a partisan office as a Libertarian or for a non-partisan office with a libertarian message? If you are, The LPWI Candidate Support Committee wants to hear from you. The committee is comprised of members who have run campaigns before as either candidate or campaign staff.

For the 2022 election year, so far we have two individuals who have filed their paperwork with the state. Jacob VandenPlas is running for US House 8, the district is in the northeastern part of the state. Tom Rasmussen is running for Wisconsin State Assembly 87 which includes parts of Taylor, Sawyer, Clary, and Marathon counties. We have others interested but not yet filed.

If you are running or considering running for an office and have not contacted us yet, email your name, contact information, and the office(s) you are running for or considering running for to info@lpwi.org and we will contact you to get more information and let you know how the committee can help.

If you are not running for office but would like to help the campaigns of the currently declared candidates or future candidates, you can volunteer. Volunteers serve valuable roles with campaigns including serving on staff (campaign manager, treasurer, social media coordinator, graphic design, etc.) collecting signatures on nomination papers, distributing campaign literature, making calls to voters, and donating to the campaigns. There will soon be a candidate detail page on the LPWI website, lpwi.org, with information about the candidates and how you can help them get their campaigns in front of voters.

The national Libertarian Party has a candidate training course scheduled in Des Moines, Iowa this September. At present there are no slots available and there is a waiting list for the next one. About the early bird getting the worm? Yeah, it is true in this party.
Jeff Kortsch – Chair

Short Bits

In case you missed your history lessons, the founding fathers created laws. They asked us to follow those laws.
Language matters. We are not going to win over the public using extremist language nor Republican catch phrases. – Chris Nass

The LNC has a new Chair. She hails from Texas. Read about it in the LP NEWS or online.

One of the many groups to form, seeking to solve the problems of our Libertarian National Committee, has come up with this: AppealTheLNC.org. While not a complete solution to the problem, it may be a step in the right direction.

An opinion from a patriot group shared with The LP Wire:

If the United States passes a law that every non-vaccinated U.S. citizen is subject to a $50,000 fine, and you regard yourself as a free US citizen residing in a US State, you may want to take heed of what the Supreme Court declared about a US citizen, to wit: “The citizen cannot complain, because he has volunrarily submitted himself to such a form of government. He owes allegiance to the departments, so to speak, and, within their prospective spheres, must pay penalties which each exacts for disobedience to its laws.” United States vs. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875) at page 551.

Our Libertarian Lifestyle

Politics is messy. Have the Democrats been taken over by socialists? – maybe. Were the Republicans taken over by Donald Trump and the insurrectionists? – maybe. Are the Libertarians going through another of their LOLibertarian phases? – maybe

Politics is messy. The Libertarian Party is no exception to this. All parties can be taken over by charismatic leaders, extreme, obscure, or fatuous groups. A very few members actually run our party. Those are the members who set aside time and spend the money to attend the conventions. The members who attend our conventions and thus run our party may not always be attuned to the beliefs or desires of the mainstream party membership. Essentially those members who go to state conventions become delegates to the national conventions so there is no incentive to reform the system. These members are unaccountable for their decisions. They also have personality differences with each other.

Perhaps many of you have been reading about the goings on in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and a few other states. That is unfortunately the situation normal for much of the Libertarian Party. This is not an existential crisis, Concerned members, in this state and others, are looking at better ways to run the party. Change can be slow. It can also be painful. Our party’s business needs to be done differently. Wisconsin CAN AND WILL DO ITS PART. Politics is messy.

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Chris Naas and crew at his annual Kickapoo River Clean Up Event.

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