LPWI Statement on Russia

Release 2-28-2022
LPWI Statement on Russian Situation

On February 24th Russia embarked on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s actions are detestable, inhuman, and violate a multitude of treaties. The recent events that have led up to this invasion are murky at best, but the history on how we got here is not.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, a majority of the nuclear weapons held by the Soviets became the property of Ukraine. Although they didn’t have operational control, they possessed the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

On December 5, 1994, the Budapest Memorandum was signed by three nuclear powers, The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and The United States. Ukraine gave up their arsenal in exchange for security assurances, protection against the use of force against their territorial integrity, and political independence. In 2009, Russia and the United States released a joint statement that the memorandum’s security assurances would still be respected.

In 2014 during the Euromaidan Revolution the Obama administration was instrumental and successful in facilitating a coup to overthrow Ukrainian’s then President Yanukovych. This led to the Russian annexation of Crimea.

The United States currently sends millions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine every year. Roughly $2.7 billion since 1993 with some in Congress pushing for more. Now we find ourselves again in a proxy war with Russia, just as with Afghanistan in the 80’s.

When will it end? When will we finally realize the security threats we face as a nation are the results of our government meddling in the affairs of others? This meddling costs lives. We must seek peace.

As the Ukrainians fight to defend themselves, their homes, and their independence, let us not forget how difficult our past administrations have made this fight for them. Let us stand together not for the Ukraine or Russian governments, but with the innocent men, women, and children who will lose their lives. “War is the health of the state.” People seek peace.

In life and Liberty.

Libertarian Party of Wisconsin
Jacob VandenPlas, Chair

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