LPWI Needs Leaders–7th Congress District Rep Position Open

The LP Wisconsin has a policy making body called the Executive Committee (Excom). Part of the Excom has primary and alternate representatives from each of Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts as voting members. The Party always needs leaders from among its activists and its members-in-good-standing. We have plenty of work to share!  At this moment, as of this date, September 19th, we post the open position of the Seventh Congressional District (7CD) Primary Representative, and start countdown until the next Excom meeting on October 15th,  for interested Party members in the district to apply!! If interested, please contact the LPWI Vice Chair at vice-chair@lpwi.org (0r another member of the Excom).  Leadership matters to success in anything! And the Party needs motivated leaders in all manners to help! Thank you, Tim Krenz, LPWI Vice Chair

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