If you want to volunteer for any Committee or have a question, please email the Committee Chair or info@lpwi.org.

Candidates and Elections

Responsibility: Recruit and support Libertarian candidates, assist with the nomination process including necessary forms.

Chair: Matt Bughman – chair@lpwi.org

Marketing/Fundraising/Membership Committee

Responsibility: Marketing the Party to the Public; putting out newsletters and press releases. Manage social media sites, website and IT support. Requesting donations. Create and maintain fundraising campaigns. Recruit members and volunteers.

Chair: Mike Hammond – cows2cars@yahoo.com
Members:  Has not been decided

Events and Convention

Responsibility: Organize LPWI State Convention. Assist with coordination and support events throughout the state.

Chair: Nathan Gall – events@lpwi.org
Members: Has not been decided

Constitution and By-laws Committee

Responsibility: The final body of appeal in all matters regarding interpretations of the Constitution, Bylaws or Resolutions of the Party subject to the provision that a decision of the Committee may be overturned by a 2/3 vote of a Convention.

Chair: Has not been decided
Members: Kevin Litten, Chris Nass, Jason Biggs, Phil Anderson, Tyler Danke

Platform Committee

Responsibility: Review and edit platform submissions in advance of LPWI convention, and make recommendations.

Chair: Has not been decided
Members: Jordan Handsen, Stephen Ecker, Tyler Danke, Brian Defferding, Kristin Calhoun

Affiliate Support

Responsibility: Jump-start and continued support of affiliates.

Affiliate Support Coordinator: Stephen Ecker – lpwi_affiliates@outlook.com

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