If you want to volunteer for any Committee or have a question, please email the Committee Chair or info@lpwi.org.

Communications Committee:     

Chair: Michael Schisel – michael.schisel@gmail.com
Scott Behrmann
Kevin Litten
Stephen Ecker
Tomas Leary
Rand Dickson
Press Secretary: Ted Krenz

Convention Committee:                          

Chair: Nathan Gall – kayakingwi@gmail.com
Meghan Wisner
Michael Conard
Stephen Ecker

By-laws Committee

Chair: Stephen Ecker – stephen.ecker@outlook.com
Abigale Gustrum
Nicolas Flatley
Rand Dickson
Carol Hutton

Platform Committee

Responsibility: Review and edit platform submissions in advance of LPWI convention, and make recommendations.
Chair: Jeff Kortsch – jeffkortsch@gmail.com
Kevin Kangas
Tyler Danke
Michal Conard
Lucas Muller

Membership/Volunteer Coordinator 

Anna Bughman – abughman@hotmail.com

Event Coordinator

Scott Nobel – ScottKennethNoble@gmail.com

Candidate Support Coordinator

Jeff Kortsch – jeffkortsch@gmail.com

Affiliate Support Coordinator:

Joseph Ecklund – joseph.ecklund@gmail.com

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