If you want to volunteer for any Committee or have a question, please email the Committee Chair or info@lpwi.org.

Candidate Support Committee

Responsibility: Develop, document, and preserve the tools, knowledge base, and materials needed to recruit and support candidates for local, state, and federal office. Liaison With other committees and ExCom to attain these goals.

Chair: Jeff Kortsch – jkortsch@sbcglobal.com
Campaign Liaison: Phil Anderson – 4philanderson@gmail.com

Members: Matt Bughman
Brian Defferding
Mike Hammond
Jordan Hansen – consultant

Marketing Membership And Fundraising Committee

Responsibility: Marketing the LPWI to the public. Putting out newsletters and press releases. Coordinating with other committees to get info out. Manage social media sites, website and IT support. Recruit members and volunteers.

Chair: Mike Hammond – cows2cars@yahoo.com
Press Secretary: Lauren Fisher – press@lpwi.org
Newsletter Editor: Kevin Litten – kdlitten@charter.net

Members :Chris Nass
Dan Joestgen
Michael Chianese
Neil Harmon
Rand Dickson
Jim Maas
Nate Gall
Michael Schisel
Advisory Member: Oran Clay

Events Committee

Responsibility: Develop event and fundraising ideas and opportunities for LPWI as a whole and for our county and area affiliates. Works with “Event Coordinator”, our local members, and volunteers to organize and facilitate these events. To promote more attendance and get access to more tools and resources. This committee will be an expansion of the former “Convention Committee” and will continue to facilitate the planning and organization for the annual convention as well. Committee chair will designate meeting times and frequency and will report continued progress to the ExCom at each monthly meeting.

Chair: TBA

Convention Coordinator: Nathan Gall – events@lpwi.org
Leads the committee in the organization, planning, and execution of the annual Convention.
Works within committee and with other committees to establish a successful yearly event.

Event Coordinator: TBA
Serve as liaison between the party, affiliates, and venues.
Works within committee and with other committees to establish successful events to build LPWI momentum.


Constitution and By-laws Committee

members: Michael Conard
Tyler Danke
Kevin Litten
Jason Nerothin
Stephen Ecker

awaiting updated info

Platform Committee

Responsibility: Review and edit platform submissions in advance of LPWI convention, and make recommendations.

Chair: Brian Defferding – briandefferding@gmail.com

Members: Phil Anderson
Jeff Kortsch
Mike Hammond
Jacob VandenPlas

Affiliate Coalition Committee

Responsibility: Establishes a coalition of support for our affiliates and brings direct access and assistance to those who need it most. This committee will be overseen by the LPWI vice-chair and include three “Regional Affiliate Support Coordinators” Each coordinator will be responsible to build, network between, and support their regions affiliates. The LPWI vice chair will designate meeting times and frequency, facilitate overall goals, and will report progress to the ExCom at each monthly meeting.

Chair: Neil Harmon – vice-chair@lpwi.org

Region One Coordinator – north: Michael Conard mconardpac@gmail.com
Region Two Coordinator – central: Stephen Ecker secker55@hotmail.com
Region Three Coordinator – south: Joseph Ecklund joseph.ecklund@gmail.com

Community Outreach Committee

awaiting info

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