Jacob VandenPlas – US Congress – Wisconsin District 8

I was born February 2nd 1984 in Abrams Wisconsin to two loving parents Curt and Kathy VandenPlas. I am the first of three boys.

I attended Abrams Elementary and then moved to Washington Middle School, followed by Oconto Falls High School graduating in 2002. Very shortly after graduation I entered Army Basic Training in Fort. Benning Georgia graduating infantry school the following September being one of the first from Wisconsin to graduate from the school.

In 2005 I found myself deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom with B. Co. 2/127th Infantry Battalion and continued with C. 1/121st Field artillery returning home in 2007. I worked several jobs in the district from maintenance supervisor in the trucking industry, to the ship yards in Marinette and Sturgeon Bay.

In 2016 while working and attending UWGB, I married the love of my life Emily VandenPlas as shortly after we invested in a sustainable vegetable farm Door County Farm LLC. I am very excited to be your Congressmen and do the hard work needed to bring this country back to freedom.

Key Issues

Government Financial Responsibility
Global US Military Involvement
The War On Drugs


Website – JakeLiberty2022.com
Facebook – @VandenPlas22
Email – jakeliberty2022@gmail.com

Neil Harmon – Wisconsin Secretary Of State

I am Neil Harmon. I have lived in southeastern Wisconsin almost my entire life. I have worked in healthcare for over 25 years. I have been married to my wife Meena for 14 years and have three children.

Our system of government is broken, and we must let liberty guide our way.
With Liberty and Peace.

Key Issues

1. As long as our elected politicians continue to dictate who can and can’t be working during this pandemic, let them all take a 15% cut in their salary. They should feel the pain like the rest of us, especially since they caused most of it.
2. Eliminate personal state income tax. The best way to invest in this state is to have people keep their own money and spend it the way they want.
3. Do away with qualified immunity. There are no excusable reasons for violating our constitutional rights.
4. I endorse rank choice voting. It creates a better, fairer system than our current two- party horse race.
5. Two terms or 12 years for most elected government officials. Elected office should be a public service, not a career.
6. Decrease petition signatures for candidate ballot access by 50%. This will promote a greater diversity of opinions to be heard.
7. Our criminal justice system is splitting families apart. New efforts must be made to bring those with prior convictions back into society in useful, productive ways. There needs to be a process to have nonviolent offender’s records expunged.
8. The Wisconsin Election Commission should be run by nonpartisan elected officials.
9. Reforms that will increase parent involvement in all schools. Not all parents will want to do this. Those who do ought to be able to reap the benefits of their efforts in their child’s future.
10. The state’s budget must be balanced using generally accepted accounting principles.
11. Eliminate minimum mark-up law.
12. End the Drug War. Regulate it to make our state safe for children, reduce crime, and protect our land. Regulate does mean taxing it. Some of that revenue should go to healing the mental health of the victims from the Drug War.
13. All government mandates must be optimized to protect and service Wisconsin’s citizens; not to favor privileged businesses or special interest groups.


Facebook  – @HarmonforSecretaryofState
Website – Harmon4WI.com
Email – neilanthonyharmon@gmail.com


Carl Hutton –  Wisconsin Assembly District 66 in Racine, WI

Carl Hutton is the Libertarian candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly in the 66th District.  He has a unique blend of business and science that will represent us well.  He retired from a career in pharmaceutical management and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Carl served as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army Reserves.   He is an entrepreneur with business interests in wireless networks and cryptocurrency.  If elected Carl proposes and end to state income tax for senior citizens. Taxation should not be a life sentence.   Carl is concerned with recent progressive trends that are eroding our 1st amendment and 2nd amendment rights.  He supports a strategy of state nullification of federal laws that violate these fundamental rights.  Carl is the only candidate in the 66th district calling for the legalization of cannabis.


Facebook – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100079842281236
Email – Carl.Hutton@Outlook.com


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