LPWI Executive Committee Openings

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (EXCOM-LPWI) has two open positions that it needs to fill. The Excom posts these positions in the hopes that an eligible member-in-good standing will step forward.  First Position: Alternate Representative of the Third Congressional District (CD3-AltRep). Second Position: Alternate Representative of the Fifth Congressional District (CD5-AltRep). (Ideally, the AltReps would live in the appropriate US Congressional District which they represent).  Responsibilities, while minor, include regular attendance at the monthly Excom meeeting, on a Zoom format, on the evening of the third Sunday of each month; voting in the absence of the Primary Representative; and, any such volunteer duties as each Alternate Representative chooses to do. Please, contact our Chair, Mr. Stephen Ecker, at chair@lpwi.org for more information or to put your name forward for a vote by the Excom at a regularly scheduled meeting.

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